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Visiting sites
Evening Options
Are all admission fees included in my tour price?
YES! All entrance fees are included in your tour price so you do not have to pay any extra when on the tour. When our itinerary says visit, it means a guided inside visit of the site. In addition to the inside visits that are included in our itineraries, you will also enjoy countless more photo stops and drive-bys.
If I wish to purchase food, drinks or souvenirs in St. Petersburg, what currency should I have?
Most people find they don't actually need any RUB during their time in St. Petersburg because most if not all vendors will take credit-cards. If you do wish to have RUB handy for miscellaneous expenses, you can figure that 15 USD is about 1100 RUB. Most gift shops have a good exchange rate to purchase Rubles and your guide will be able to advise and assist you with this. We would not suggest that you exchange money on the ship as the cruise ship’s tend to give bad exchange rate to their guests.
What is your cancellation policy?
We are aware of the concerns travelers may have in the wake of the Covid-19 novel coronavirus outbreaks around the world. Nobody wants to see their hard-earned vacation disappear, so we have updated our cancellation policy to provide reassurance and flexibility for our guests. Book with confidence with us in any of our destinations in the Baltics. We will provide a full 100% refund for those, who will cancel their bookings 72 hours before the tour date. Moreover, we will grant you with a “10% off” promo code for your booking selection in any of our destinations in the 2021 season. We will provide a full 100% refund for those, whose cruise will be cancelled in the 2020 season as a result of the coronavirus situation.